Can you paint over spray?

Acrylic paint can adhere to spray paint under the right circumstances. It's important to start by saying that acrylic over spray paint may not be the route you should take depending on the final result. You can paint over the spray foam insulation, however, it's not a very simple process. While painting is a beneficial method for improving the appearance of foam insulation that is not hidden by drywall, steps must be taken to ensure that it is done correctly.

The tip size you choose plays an important role in the amount of excess spray during an aerosol painting project. A common mistake is spraying paint through a tip that is too large and wide. Doing so produces more paint fog and wastes material. Using a tip with a smaller hole and a spray fan width reduces excess spray and eliminates the possibility of damaging anything beyond the spray area.

After building the spray booth, clean any tools, lunch boxes, coffee cups, or workplace dogs that you don't want to cover with paint. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after installation before painting on it, but the longer the better. When dried, haze paint dries much faster and turns to dust before it adheres to anything, but when there is high humidity, airborne paint particles stay moist longer. I like this holder because I can reuse the cardboard several times and I don't have to worry about cleaning the paint after each use like you would with a metal shield.

It's also important to remember that acrylic paint can have a harder time with oil-based paints, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you wanted. My article Graco's Best RAC-X Tips for Spray Painting delves into the size of airless spray tips and what I use for my projects, but I'll go over the basics of sizes and understanding numbering. In my experience, the recommended tip hole size on paint can labels is usually larger than what is actually needed. I use that sprayer primarily for cabinets and my Graco Ultra Max Airless for most of my outdoor spray paint projects.

If you're looking for “you can paint on expandable foam” because you're thinking of painting on expandable foam in your home, using spray paint is a good option. This is because it takes much less time compared to painting on it with a regular brush or bristle roller. Thick exterior paint requires a larger hole to allow paint to spray and pass through the tip without clogging, but don't choose a too large one, otherwise you'll end up blowing clouds of paint everywhere. Acrylic paint is a very adaptable paint, so many people like to use it on any variety of things they create.

Spraying at too high a pressure causes more excess spraying and more recoil, which means that more paint peels off the surface instead of sticking to it. Icynene spray foam insulation may be left with an irregular and slightly irregular texture, which is not ideal for painting. Although acrylic paint is water-based and spray paint is not, they can in fact work together, provided it is done correctly.

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