Chocolate Christmas KitKat Forest – No Bake Xmas Dessert with Cupcake Addiction

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Try this simple No Bake KitKat Christmas Dessert idea, perfect for all your lead-up to Christmas parties!

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I’d love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above — You all know how mine turn out — now show me YOUR creations!

Xx Elise

For my large appliances (did you notice my amazing fridge?) I can’t go past Smeg:

For small appliances (including my awesome mixer!) I love Breville products:

Music: “Crazy for you” by Chris Bussey / Gareth Johnson via Audio Network

3-D Happy Chocolate Bar Tutorial by feelinspiffy (Rainbow Loom)

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Here is the adorable Happy Chocolate Bar! Complete with removable wrapper which seems to be the most requested way to have it! I may make another version in the future how I think of it, but for now, enjoy this tasty cutie!

I love how the chocolate bar turned out! It looks just like it has little pieces on it! So cute!

You may be able to use the larger beads or double the wrapped bands used for the eyes and cheeks if you plan to have your wrapper facing the same way that I do since they tend to hide inside with the braided side out. :)

I hope that you enjoy!

Band Requirements:

Bar: 263
Main Wrapper Color: 138
Wrapper Accent Color: 55
Eyes and Mouth: 1-3 (depends if you use 7mm beads for eyes)
Cheeks: 2

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 – Knuckle Puck “Chocolate”


Knuckle Puck “Chocolate” (Originally performed by The 1975) taken from Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 available now.

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 – Track Listing
1. Tyler Carter (feat. Luke Holland) – “Ain’t It Fun”
2. August Burns Red – “Wrecking Ball”
3. We Came As Romans – “I Knew You Were Trouble”
4. Upon A Burning Body (feat. Ice-T) – “Turn Down For What”
5. Set It Off – “Problem”
6. Crown The Empire – “Burn”
7. Oceans Ate Alaska – “Drunk In Love”
8. Youth In Revolt – “Royals”
9. Volumes – “Hold On, We’re Going Home”
10. Knuckle Puck – “Chocolate”
11. Slaves – “Sweater Weather”
12. State Champs – “Stay The Night”
13. Palisades – “Happy”

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Epicly Later’d: Chocolate (Part 3/4)

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We talked with Kenny about learning under Brian Lotti and Chris Miller, riding for Planet Earth until the very end, and how artist Marc Johnson made his mark on Girl and Chocolate. Enjoy!

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Barbie Fashionistas Huevos Sorpresa same as Chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs Muñeca Barbie

Welcome to Blucollection ToyCollector. Today i’m unboxing a 3-pack of Barbie Fashionistas Huevos Sorpresa same as Zaini Chocolate Kinder Egg Surprise. Thanks for watching Huevos-Sorpresa de cioccolato from ToyChannel BluCollection. Los Ovetti di Pasqua preferito dai bambini y niños y niñas que ama la muñeca Barbie.

Thanks for watching ToyCollector Blucollection. I’m a huge avid DisneyToyCollector collecting everything from DisneyToys to PixarCars. This is an unboxing ToyChannel that reviews juegos, juguetes, jouets, giocattoli & brinquedos Please subscribe!

Disney Frozen Magic Color Changers Anna Coronation Dress.

Sopa de Letrinhas do Come Come da Vila Sésamo!

Disney Frozen Anna Elsa Sleepover at Barbie Glam House.

Princess Sofia Royal Prep Academy Magical Talking Castle.

Princesita Sofía Castillo Mágico Parlante juguete de niñas.

Frozen Magiclip Glitter Glider Anna Elsa Olaf Magic Clip.

Glitter-Glider Castle Set Disney Princess Magic Clip Dolls.

Glitter-Glider Dolls Magic clip Belle Rapunzel Elsa Anna.

Disney Frozen Dress-Up Magnetic Wooden Wardrobe Magnets.

Disney Frozen Royal Closet Anna Elsa & Barbie Carry Case.

Princess Ariel Rapunzel Slumber Party Sleepover at Barbie.

DisneyFrozen Magical Lights Palace with Elsa Olaf Snowman.

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Disney Princess Glitzi Globes Spin ‘n Sparkle Castle playset.

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